How to Attach Grass Catcher to Craftsman Lawn Mower

It’s easy to attach a grass catcher to your Craftsman lawn mower, and it can save you time and effort when it comes to yard work. Here are the steps you need to follow:

First, find the model number of your mower. You’ll find this on the back of the engine cover or on the front of the deck.

Next, locate the correct attachment kit for your mower model. These are available at most hardware stores or online retailers that sell Craftsman products.

  • Park the Craftsman lawn mower on a level surface and turn off the engine
  • Disengage the blade control lever to prevent the blades from spinning
  • Place the grass catcher onto the front of the mower deck, aligning the hooks on the catcher with the holes on the deck
  • Insert a pin through one of the holes on the grass catcher and into one of the holes on the deck, securing it in place
  • Repeat this step for each of the remaining hooks on the grass catcher
  • Reconnect any hoses or clamps that were detached during installation, then start up your lawn mower and begin mowing as usual

Craftsman M450 mower Quick assembly

Craftsman 21” Lawn Mower Bag Replacement

If you’re looking for a replacement bag for your Craftsman 21” lawn mower, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Lawn Mower Bags, we carry a wide selection of bags specifically designed to fit Craftsman 21” lawn mowers. Whether you need a replacement for a damaged or worn out bag, or you simply want to upgrade to a higher capacity model, we have what you’re looking for.

Our selection includes both OEM and aftermarket bags from top brands like Arnold, MTD, and more. When choosing a replacement bag for your Craftsman 21” lawn mower, be sure to select one that matches the original in terms of size and capacity. A too small or too large bag can cause problems with the mower’s performance.

If you’re unsure which size is best for your mower, just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you out.

How Do You Attach a Craftsman Lawn Bagger?

Assuming you are referring to the Craftsman 42″ Lawn Mower Bagger (model # 247.887360), here are instructions for attaching it:

1. Park your Craftsman mower on a level surface, and engage the parking brake.

2. Remove the key from the ignition to prevent accidental starting of the engine.

3. Disengage the mower deck by pulling on the deck-lift lever located at the right side of the mower, just behind the operator’s seat.

4. Raise the mower deck all the way up until it locks into place. This will give you better access to attach the bagger assembly.

5. Assemble both halves of the hopper by snapping them together at their molded seams; be sure that both latches are securely in place before proceeding to Step 6. If necessary, additional hardware is included with your lawnmower bagger kit for added security.

6. Position yourself at either side of the mower deck, and tilt each half of the hopper forward until it rests against the leading edge of the deck opening; then press down firmly until each hopper half is locked into place on its respective support arm bracket beneath the deck opening. (Be sure that each hopper tube is properly seated in its support grommet.)

At this point, you should be able to see a portion of each hopper through the open area between each blade as shown in Figure 1 . . . if not, check your previous steps before proceeding further!

How Do You Put a Dust Blocker on a Craftsman Lawn Mower?

If you want to keep your Craftsman lawn mower in tip-top shape, it’s important to regularly clean it and change the oil. One way to make this task easier is to put a dust blocker on the mower. This will help to prevent dirt and debris from build up on the machine.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Start by removing the air filter cover from the mower. You’ll usually find this near the engine.

2. Take out the old air filter and replace it with a new one. Make sure that the new filter is properly seated in the housing before putting the cover back on.

3. Next, locate the discharge chute on the side of the mower deck. The dust blocker will fit over this opening.

4. Before attaching the dust blocker, be sure to clean out any leaves or grass that may be blocking it. Once it’s clear, simply place the dust blocker over top of the discharge chute and secure it in place with a few zip ties or similar fasteners.

That’s all there is to it! By following these steps you can help extend the life of your Craftsman lawn mower by preventing dirt and debris from getting into key components like the engine air filter .

How Do You Attach a Catcher to a Lawn Mower?

If you want to attach a catcher to your lawn mower, there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to find a catcher that is compatible with your lawn mower. Once you have found a compatible catcher, you will need to follow the instructions that come with the product in order to properly attach it to your lawn mower.

In most cases, this will involve attaching the catcher to the back of the lawn mower using bolts or screws. Once the catcher is securely attached, you should be able to start using it immediately.

How Do You Attach a Mulch Bag to a Lawn Mower?

Mulching your lawn is a great way to keep your grass healthy and weed-free. But how do you attach a mulch bag to a lawn mower? First, find a mulch bag that fits your lawn mower.

Most lawn mowers have a built-in attachment point for a mulch bag, so there’s no need to get creative with straps or bungee cords. Next, open up the mulch bag and place it over the attachment point on the back of the lawn mower. Make sure that the opening of the bag is facing downwards so that the grass clippings can easily fall into it.

Finally, secure the top of the mulch bag around the attachment point on the lawn mower. Some bags have Velcro closures, while others have drawstrings. Either way, make sure that the bag is snugly attached so that none of those precious clippings escape!


If you own a Craftsman lawn mower, you may want to consider purchasing a grass catcher. A grass catcher is a great way to keep your lawn looking tidy and neat by collecting the clippings as you mow. In this article, we’ve showed you how to attach a grass catcher to your Craftsman lawn mower.